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Words From My Soul to Those who Stood in Belief of Me

Amazing how when you create your own and passionate about taking it to the next level, those that want to be involved and start with, their attention span for focus becomes very short, if it's not already in motion they can't stay around, yet when I keep to the plan and the creation begin to flourish, then they want to come back, not just come back, but bring their associates and it becomes a "we, us our project, yet none was there from the start.

Those who have walked away because physically sacrificing and putting in the work is just too much for them. Then there are those who come into your realm because they LOVE what you are doing, next thing you know they want to help, such as bring in sponsors but here is the catch, Now that I have a platform, and product, the "I wanna help you take it to another level" folks then want to completely change the entire concept, push their inner dreams and their ideas that they were never able to execute themselves. Suddenly their concept and ideas must become mine, in fact my entire project must become theirs and what they want, next... I am no longer me and all my creativity becomes overtaken by others who agenda is to push their concept, their people, their friends, their Artist over me on my creation and want to take me off of my focus to all their confusion and hustling.

(CREATE and EXECUTE ONE PROJECT, MAKE IT HAPPEN and the success from that can lead to THE NEXT CONCEPT) I see it over and over again. I also see how these very same people never get anywhere and the reason is, they are always jumping to the next thing, the next "somebody else thing" the next band, the next project that someone else has,hoping they can ride their coattails because it may be moving faster in the wind. The cycle start all over again. ROUND and ROUND like water being pulled by the gravity of the drain in lou.

Those I speak of, leave me hanging but stay close enough just in case my creations take flight. During this time they think and hope that my creations will not take off if they are not apart of it. To let you know, THERE IS NO STOPPING ME, I keep it moving, I am in my own lane, no need to keep switching lanes to try and pass others. I do not care if they are speeding to get to the red light. I stay in my lane and focus, go with the flow of my soul, keep my eyes on the road, exploring new lands as I stay on my plan, keep it moving until I get there and those who really believed in me, the very few, with no agenda are right here with me on my road trip. We take turns driving. Made a few new friends that also see the vision, they have joined us on our journey. With the help of the small team, all driving, no roadblocks, no detours. We are almost there, just a few more miles! YES!!! TV Show "The Making of a Pop Star" Girl Power Concert Tour, "The Awakening" 2020. THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME friends and family that are truly inspiring me (STAYING FOCUSED). LOVE YOU!

A Piece of my heart...Please don't take my kindness for weakness or lack of knowledge, my silence for not seeing the true you, Don't let your ego stop your progress. Don't lie to my face as I see the truth. Don't think I am new to the game, Don't go to my friends and the people I work with and try to manipulate them against me, the day before you tried to manipulate me against them for your own agenda, when it was I, that introduced you to them as you wished so that my friends may take YOU to the next level. Don't try to drain my soul and my creativity because you can't see pass your comfort zone, cant see the big picture. Once we set a major plan in place, don't let greed engulf your spirit. Don't try to work with me when you don't feel or see me, my creativity or even researched or acknowledge it. Don't try to work with me if you can't think outside the box and beyond the waters. This year my circle is going to get very small before it expand again. Yes I a silence and that is when I see what is surrounding me, the transparency and I realize who are the truth and who is not. I don't care what you say behind my back all I ask is you stay behind my back. My LOVE for your spirit will never change. I will keep souring no matter what, feel me? (ZJ)

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