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Today, Zaina is a song writer, producer, phenomenal and powerful singer and dancer, a film maker, Actress, Choreographer and entrepreneur. Zaina just launched her label/ Entertainment Company Z Traxx Music Group under the distribution and guidance of Paul Ring /Bungalo Records / Universal Music Group. The buzz is... Zaina is now holding the torch to be one one the next Biggest Entertainers in the world.


Apart from the international CD Release, Zaina has plans to launch a TV show geared to all kinds of music and soon pave the way for a few selected Artist to launch on Z Traxx Label.


Zaina Juliette interviewed by Women's Global Narrative - Zaina Juliette Day

Zaina Juliette interviewed by Women's Global Narrative - Zaina Juliette Day

Zaina's interview on her set by Zach Ring for Women's Global Narrative Zaina Juliette & Friends TV Show. Presents, Zaina's Gumbo of Entertainment Docu-Drama/Reality Show/Talk Show Zaina Juliette & Friends TV Show is a uniquely themed Artist to Artist talk and entertainment show that highlights Entertainers, in Las Vegas and abroad. Zaina Juliette TV show is now in its 4th year of being on-air broadcast on the CW Network. The show is currently moving into syndication as a Docu-Drama about Zaina Juliette as an Entertainer yet, still with a segment highlighting entertainers. "A Gumbo of Entertainment" Hosted by Multi-Award-winning Entertainer, Recording Artist, Producer, Creator, Actress Zaina Juliette who is more of an Entertainer than a TV Host. The show spotlight's Entertainers and positive messages of empowerment of Females and all people which is predicated around Zaina Juliette themed concerts “The Girl Power Tour,” and The Awakening which is a show for everyone. It is a concert where music meets theatrics with a hologram backdrop and back story. The music style is a blend of Rock, Funk & Pop. The Live performances by Zaina Juliette are high energy with moments that will touch your soul. Currently, Zaina Juliette and her sister Tina L. Turner are representing Las Vegas in several upcoming Films and a TV Drama Series set for international release beginning in 2021. Zaina hopes to pave the way for other Actors in Las Vegas to achieve that international status with their talent.

ZAINA, A rare look a sexy Zaina Juliette in an intimate celebrity-packed setting in Hollywood 

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