Today, Zaina is a song writer, producer, phenomenal and powerful singer and dancer, a film maker, Actress, Choreographer and entrepreneur. Zaina just launched her label/ Entertainment Company Z Traxx Music Group under the distribution and guidance of Paul Ring /Bungalo Records / Universal Music Group. The buzz is... Zaina is now holding the torch to be one one the next Biggest Entertainers in the world.


Apart from the international CD Release, Zaina has plans to launch a TV show geared to all kinds of music and soon pave the way for a few selected Artist to launch on Z Traxx Label.

Music Videos...More to come

More on

Warrior Version 2

A song about Empowerment of Women, Girl Power!




Piece of my Heart

A Remake of Janis Joplin Hit.

Hit Em Hard.

A Rock Funk Metal Song. Zaina refuse to

sell her soul.


A Funky, Rock, Pop Song about getting Crazy having fun with friends.

 I Loved You

A Song most women can releate to who experienced an unfaithful relationship.

Clip of "Dream of Love"

Real Love.

EDM Party Dance song of Peace


90 Miles An Hour

A message of Love

Trailer to Hit Em Hard

The Story of Zaina Juliette. A Docu-Film.