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As Artist Why Do We Deal With So Much Hate, Envy, Deceit, From Those Hiding in Your Shadow?

Some verbalize that my light is effulgent and that I am very powerful spiritually. That I have messages and that I may change things in the music industry. That there are demonic dark forces working through others to block my every move toward prosperity. So many times I have had others who want to be close to me, and some were yet they endeavored every way possible abaft my back to sabotage me. Hidden Agendas, with mendacious stories about me, prevarications and plots to have my music videos taken down off VEVO, Lies to promoters, producers, music industry professionals whom all were in the negotiation or booking stages of orchestrating my exhibitions.

The most painful cerebrate is it emanates from those that are claiming to be proximate friends and always utilizing God to make others cerebrate that they are so righteous.

I Post the following my Facebook, see the responses below;

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