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StarChild of The 7 Realms



Written by Zaina Juliette 

Concept by Zaina Juliette

Based off of real events





Zaina Juliette is SaHeaven. Born into a Creole family of entertainers that experienced supernatural events. A character with 7 levels that battles the 7 Evils, through 7 Realms of Heaven and Hell. They want her soul!


ST7R is a very unique,  “Outside the box” Epic Psychological Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Docudrama unlike any other! Starring real musical artists, not actors playing Artist. It has to be that way for this. It must be authentic.


The first 2 episodes would take place in Louisiana on family land. (It will be/must be very authentic)


After a life of being haunted by demonic forces. alien abduction. and a family curse, voodoo

and being born with supernatural abilities she kept secret, SaHeaven came to realize why the ET's of the chariots chose her. She must use her musical gift to join other StarChilds and lead the way to unlock a musical frequency that can rid the earth from evil, to save mankind from self destruction. She has to cross over to other realms to battle the demons. 7 realms of heaven and 7 realms of hell. It later became a fight for her soul during this epic spiritual warfare on earth, and beyond. This is the final battle! Can she lead the fight through past and future times, past lives, parallel worlds and the cosmos to cast out the 7 evils forever to save our souls and humanity?  The StarChilds are on the front line. Fighting demons and evil within and outside of their physical bodies. All things wicked on earth such as war, hate, deceit, world domination, murder, and much worse. A spiritual warfare with allies from other worlds.


Will music be the savior of the earth and beyond?


I am going to make this show almost a reverse musical in a sense, with the most amazing visuals. Artists involved will be in character, the music is very intense and diverse. From old slave hymns to Blues, soul, Rock, Zydico, Jazz but within the scenes.


The visuals will be breathtaking. The stories will make you think. The audience will connect the dots.

ZainaJuliette.TV  - (Ⓒ ZJS Copyright2021)

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