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Title: ST7R-StarChild of The 7 Realms




In a world teetering on the brink of chaos, humanity faces an imminent Armageddon, but salvation comes from the most unexpected source - the ET's, beings of unimaginable power who have watched over Earth for millennia. These celestial guides reveal a dire truth: the human race is on the precipice of self-destruction at the hands of seven malevolent entities known as the 7 Evils. The only hope for survival rests with the StarChilds, a group of gifted individuals chosen to wield their extraordinary musical talents to perform the ultimate Earthorcism.


Led by SaHeaven (played by Zaina Juliette), a child prodigy hailing from a family of unique entertainers in Louisiana, the StarChilds embark on a transcendent mission through different realms, times, and parallel worlds. Their epic quest to decode powerful frequencies will not only free Earth from demonic oppression but also forge an alliance with otherworldly civilizations.


ST7R-StarChild of The 7 Realms is a genre-bending television series that delves into the realms of Psychological Thriller, Horror, Drama, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi. Rooted in real events and a series of dreams, the story follows SaHeaven and her fellow StarChilds as they confront evil forces spanning seven realms of both heaven and hell. What makes this series truly mind-bending is its exploration of deeper realities that resonate with all walks of life, transcending the boundaries of conventional storytelling. As it unfolds, the series will challenge your perceptions and encourage you to think beyond the confines of the known.

But what is a StarChild? Their origins and purpose become clear as the story progresses. These gifted individuals, are using more than !0, 20 or 30 percent of their brain, comprising humans, hybrids, and elves, are bestowed with unique musical talents and hidden powers. Chosen by the ET's of the Chariots, they are entrusted with the monumental task of deciphering the musical frequencies that can cast the demons from Earth and beyond into oblivion.


As the series unravels, audiences can anticipate appearances from real music artists and musicians in key roles, blurring the line between fiction and reality. Yet, lurking in the shadows are Lucifer's minions, the dark shadow jumpers, who possess humans to further the 7 Evils' nefarious agenda. While these demons can infiltrate the human race, they remain unable to jump StarChilds, setting the stage for an epic battle between light and darkness that will unfold across the universe and beyond all realms.


ST7R-StarChild of The 7 Realms invites you to embark on a mind-bending journey through the unknown, a symphony of intrigue and revelation that promises to challenge your beliefs and captivate your imagination.



StarChild of The 7 Realms



Written by Zaina Juliette & Shaii Royale 

Concept by Zaina Juliette

Based off of real events





Written and conceptualized by Zaina Juliette, "ST7R" (Starchild of the 7 Realms) delves into the depths of human existence and the cosmic battle between good and evil, drawing inspiration from real-life events.

At the heart of the story lies SaHeaven, a member of a Creole family with a rich history of supernatural encounters. Endowed with seven levels of power, she confronts the seven Evils across seven realms of Heaven and Hell, all vying for her soul.

"ST7R" defies genre norms, blending elements of psychological thriller, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and docudrama into a spellbinding narrative. Featuring real-life musical artists rather than actors, authenticity is paramount to capture the essence of this unique tale.

Set against the backdrop of Louisiana, the first two episodes unfold on family land, imbuing the story with authenticity and depth. SaHeaven's journey is one of redemption and revelation, as she grapples with demonic forces, alien abductions, voodoo curses, and her own supernatural gifts.

As SaHeaven discovers her destiny as a chosen StarChild, tasked with unlocking a celestial musical frequency to vanquish evil, the narrative transcends time and space. From past lives to parallel worlds, the epic spiritual warfare unfolds, testing the limits of her courage and resilience.

Through the power of music, SaHeaven and her fellow StarChilds embark on a crusade against all forms of wickedness plaguing humanity, both on Earth and beyond. With breathtaking visuals and thought-provoking storytelling, "ST7R" promises to captivate audiences and ignite their imaginations.

ZainaJuliette.TV - (Ⓒ ZJS Copyright 2021)


Will music be the savior of the earth and beyond?


I am going to make this show almost a reverse musical in a sense, with the most amazing visuals. Artists involved will be in character, the music is very intense and diverse. From old slave hymns to Blues, soul, Rock, Zydico, Jazz but within the scenes.


The visuals will be breathtaking. The stories will make you think. The audience will connect the dots.

ZainaJuliette.TV  - (Ⓒ ZJS Copyright2021)

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