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Open Your Mind, Step Outside the Box, Awakening

Updated: Dec 22, 2021


I challenge all of you to release your higher self,

your spiritual you.

We the Tribe will arrive and reveal our higher selves our minds eye.

Love is powerful One Love is the light

we are enlightened we are all one

don't lose sight

are you a child of the light?

the light that is the center of our universe,

another cosmos beyond ours, this universe -

the light that is the center of all of us invert

We are of one molecule of this universe,

this universe is one of many

how many? infinity,

only your higher self can see this is the awakening,

the awakening, the awakening,

there is so much more beyond this, of what you see, of what you know,

of all of you,

hidden in secrecy from your minds view

other realms, other layers, other worlds, other life,

hidden cities beneath the Earth

thriving with beings that has it right,

real portals above and in sight other reality's,

a higher us a higher we

a higher light now it's time for you to see,

are you ready to, see?

The opposite of fear is Faith

it's time for the sleeping to awake

diminish, greed, selfishness,

lack of empathy and hate

all will lead to confusion

until we are awake,

is your reality a delusion?

destruction, eruption of the earth

from our poisoning in the air, in the sea,

I know this passion is not just in me

like Shepard leading the sheep,

worshiping a leader that will a spell of darkness

to keep you in sleep

washing the brain of all

are their natural instincts,

knowledge and powers,

filling it with darkness that is not ours

you can feel truth, see the dishonesty

as a film of haze take over the guilty

as they smile and smirk at truth

their greed cannot see

they're killing you their killing me,

their own family, without any form of empathy

and that will be what their children will see.

but will they be? not indeed,

because that type of parent

cannot feel for their needs.

Yet we continue to Love them


I challenge you to get in touch of that inner voice,

your higher self that you rendered void,

your higher self, the soul you are in,

that is of truth and love from the other realms.

Find that peace in unity

do not hesitate to meditate,

save our world from destruction by hate.

free your higher self so you can see,

what reality is meant to be.

we are all connected from above

A higher love can you feel me?

wait until you experience

The Power to Love. Rise to soar!

Zaina Juliette

The Z will Inspire You

Published by Zaina Juliette

Copyright ZTraxx 2019

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