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A rare look at a clip of the Audition/Reading that won Zaina the role of Angle after a nation-wide search.  


Condition of Return Coming Soon 2023


Zaina Juliette New Roles, in New Film Releases

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Award-Winning Actress, Entertainer, Recording Artist.

Strong Actress with layers.

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Connecting Dots
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Zaina Juliette is
Represented by 
Kevin Black
Shaii Royalle

Liquid Bubbles
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Zaina Juliette LIVE

The Awakening ST7R - 
Where Music Meets Theatrics

Zaina Juliette Show
Sundays @ 11AM
On The CW Network
Las Vegas

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New SERIES Starring Zaina Juliette

in preproduction

-- 04 Horror - Movie Poster_edited.jpg

StarChild of The 7 Realms  (ST7R)

ST7R The Series is the backdrop to Zaina's Live Concert.

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