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and not posted by my facebook

Z Traxx or Zaina Juliette

From Hack 2
The link to the names used for the Facebook vehicle scam
FB Hack 7.jpg
FB Hacker 2.jpg

Here is when the hacker of my account contacted me after I answered one of the hundreds of messages I was getting in my inbox. I asked to drive by and see so that I can get a reply. They never did because there is no so-called tractor. I live in the city and I do not own tractors...LOL!

The Hackers are using the identity of employers at this Air Force Base. Here is a page YOU MUST SEE  on the Air Force Base site and you will see all the names and a message to all those who were victims of this hacking ring.

Hacker 5 email.jpg

The dumb Hacker  is replying to me from my own Facebook account

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