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Zaina’s show consist of great, musical compositions, live musicians astonishing special effects, holograms with the look of Victorian times to represent her Girl Power theme based off of her single Warrior indited by Zaina Juliette. There are images of Castles, dragons, pulchritudinous fantasy scenic 3 denominational footage that is simply breathtaking and set the audience in a virtual authenticity concert. Most of all a spectacular powerful live performance that is rare in today's Artist.

Represented by 
British Talent Agency
Agent & Attorney
Ryan Smith


Music Videos...More to come

More on

Warrior Version 2

A song about Empowerment of Women, Girl Power!


Piece of my Heart

A Remake of Erma Franklin and Janis Joplin Hit.

Hit Em Hard.

A Rock Funk Metal Song. Zaina refuse to

sell her soul.

90 Miles An Hour

A message of Love

Trailer to Hit Em Hard

The Story of Zaina Juliette. A Docu-Film.

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