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This is for Backup singers that are serious and passionate about going to the next level. 


A little about what we are doing..this is a full show concert with theatrics. Some say a Rock, Funk Opera type Concert.


The entire show will be going on tours. The show will also be showcased to major music industry professionals. We are seeking backup singers for this show, however, the singers are apart of the show and the theatrics. You will not just be standing there singing you will be performing as a character and involved in some of the theatrics. There will be costumes, possibly some speaking parts, slight dancing, adlibs. Your stage presence is important! 


Please visit to get an idea of the Artist and let me know if this would be something you are interested in.


Currently, we are building the brand, Zaina is in rehearsals every week. The music style is a mixture of Rock, Funk, and Soul, This is not a typical Vegas act, however, we are in Las Vegas. Tours are being set.


This is all original music with CD release. At this time there is no pay for practice until the act is booked or purchased for tours, talent will be paid for performances/per show. 


For the tours and other bookings, the pay is scale and above including practice time.


We are doing our own productions, not waiting for anyone, that is the only way productions can go mainstream. The Concert coming is also a showcase for the music industry professionals, Agents, and Promoters who are interested in signing the entire show for tours and concerts.



Please know that we will be contacting you via email for an audition time.

Thank You.


Please send Submission to:  or



  • Video clips/links if available

  • Photo

  • Any sample of your voice

  • Please state why you would like to be apart of this project

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