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Casting Call

Dancers, Backing Singers, Breakdances, Musicians

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SEND Reel links and photos or mp3 to:

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Zaina Music Video


Musicians -Dancers - Breakdancers, Backup singers/ 


1. Join a project, 
2. Submit your act to spotlight on the show

Audition Notice: Musicians Wanted

STYLE: Funk, Rock, Pop, Soul

ZJ Spotlight Productions / Music industry Executive Kevin Black are seeking talented musicians for a unique opportunity to back a female Artist/Actress/TV Host, Zaina Juliette, in a live concert/Opera presentation pre-tour show. The exclusive audience will consist of music industry executives, celebrities, concert promoters, and agents who are eager to witness Zaina's impressive talent/Performance in this TELEVISED EVENT.

[The Artist team and executives that will be booking and releasing new music along are seeking to put a new set of musicians with her that are only interested being a part of an original project. Not a cover act as this will be in the presence of Labels and promoters for what's to come. THIS PERFORMANCE IS WHAT THE EXECUTIVES ARE COMING TO BID ON and BOOK]



The chosen musicians will be an integral part of the entire journey, including label and tour performances, and all that comes with it. This is a rare and epic opportunity to showcase your skills in front of many executives and investors who can potentially elevate your career.

We are looking for skilled musicians who can play the guitar, keyboard, saxophone, and bass guitar. If you have the talent, the passion, and the commitment to make it big, this opportunity is for you.

Represented by Kevin Black (this pre-tour show will also be televised on The CW Network, and it is the first of many other shows to come. Kevin Black and his Artist/TV host are committed to opening the platform for other chosen artists as well.

To audition, please send your resume, links, and a brief introduction about yourself. Don't miss this chance to take your career to the next level!


Compensation, WILL DEPEND ON BOOKINGS. For now, will be per show. Rates vary, depending on show and budget. Some promotional performances may not be fully paid for the industry professionals, showcases, sponsors, etc. Usually when we are being asked to showcase for those who will be booking tours.

THE PAY CAN VARY: Depending on what the pay rate is for the entire show is what the talent rate will be based on above scale pay. For example, it can be from $300.00 per night up to 5,000.00 per night per principal performer plus per diem

We are seeking serious talent to be apart of this unique Concert.

Also seeking talent for other projects. Great opportunity!

The Artist is preparing for her upcoming Concerts and tours. The talent selected will be principal talent on the Concert/Shows. Selected Talent must be able to make rehearsals and travel. The auditions may be televised, it is your choice if you want to participate in the TV Show.

Rehearsals at the start are unpaid until tours are fully slated.

Tours will be full payment with per diem. Usually, scale and above.




humble backup singers with great voices who can harmonize with great stage presence.

  • Must be able to move well, slight choreography 

  • Must be able to perform in front of large crowds.

  • Style Rock-Funk-Soul

Not looking for lead singers at this time, only backup singers. Must be a team player and able to travel.  Ladies NO need to send sexual type photos/videos, we are more interested in a clean image and talent. This concert is for all ages



All styles of Dance, Dance groups, Authentic Chinese Dancers, African Dancers, Break Dancer, Ballet Dancer...


Must be able to learn choreography

Seeking passionate Dancers


Actors must have some type of theatrical background and have a 1 to 2-minute monologues. 


Serious talent only.
no drama PLEASE, must be able to practice.

Audition location and day will be announced in a few days on this page and we will be also contacting all who submitted with audition tile and location.




Email info to photo and resume to:

or fill out the form below


Talent Submission

Thanks for submitting!

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