Zaina Juliette

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The Empress of Rock, Funk & Pop

Zaina Juliette

Entertainer, Recording Artist, TV Host, Actress, Dancer, Producer

Currently, Zaina is hosting her own TV Show on the CW Network.

Preparing for a tour with her Extraordinary Visual, Epic Live Concert Show with Theatrics.

A recent recipient of 3 Proclamations (2016, 2017, 2018) by The City of Las Vegas for Zaina Juliette Day and for her Artistry and Girl Power Movement.

With over 260 Awards as an entertainer, Zaina Juliette is prominent in the industry for her astonishing live performances and impeccable stage presence. Zaina Juliette has all of the components of an astounding artist from her work ethic to her ingenuity and we had to jump at the opportunity to join forces with this incredible recording artist.


Zaina Juliette was giving her own TV Talk Show, a unique contemporary talk show hosted by, Zaina Juliette, featuring celebrity guests and upcoming talent, positive events in the city, empowerment and showcasing her talent. Currently, the show is gearing up to go international and is now a TV show about The Making of a Pop Star, starring Zaina Juliette. Where Zaina along with her co-star Sharon Park of China will be seeking the best talent for Zaina Juliette Live Show "The Awakening" through a talent search/competition China vs. America.

The show currently airs on The CW Network Sundays at 11:00 AM.

2:00 PM East Coast.

Warrior LP Now Avaiable

LP "Warrior" Now Available on digital stores everywhere

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New Single WARRIOR see Video (Extended Version) below

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Zaina Juliette

Zaina Juliette is a Multi-Talented Recording Artist, Entertainer, Writer, Actress and Producer. Zaina Juliette is currently host her Television Show ZJS or Zaina Juliette & Friends "Spotlight" now on The CW Network. ZJS is now in the process of going into world-wide syndication and will be filmed in front of a live studio audience on location in Las Vegas and on location on Zaina's next concert tour.

Zaina Juliette & Friends "Spotlight" TV Show. 

A Contemporary talk show hosted by Award-Winning Entertainer, Recording Artist, Zaina Juliette, featuring celebrity guests and upcoming talent.

Zaina is Also starring in JOCO Films New Television Series "Shades of Sapphire" where Zaina plays the role of Sapphire. A Powerful Dramatic/Action TV Series.

 New Artist Zaina Juliette's New Song "Warrior" To Hit Radio As Zaina Rock The Stage

Zaina Juliette recently began her Girl Power Movement Tour with the song Warrior as the theme song.

Warrior is all about Girl Power, Empowerment of females and helping those in need.

Warrior is all about Girl Power, Empowerment of females and availing those in need. Zaina Juliette is striking, verbally soft surprisingly vigorous Entertainer and Recording Artist with a library of pristine musical compositions that has meaning to go with the vigorous Rock, Funk, Soul, Pop coalescence style of music. Zaina has her own style and in her own lane with her own band entitled Zfunk Tribe that are all Breathtaking and outstanding musicians. Zaina choreograph her own shows, indite the musical compositions and engender some of her own effects and recently teamed up with 2 astounding film and TV engenderers to take her visuals and effects to the next level. Read more HERE

Zaina Juliette show is an astonishing, mind blowing performance where live music meets theatrics with breathtaking visuals, holograms, dragons, castles, Victorian, Gladiators, Steam punk style theme that represent Warriors and Girl Power. It is something astounding to visually perceive in person and hear the powerful vocals that will touch your soul. It is a show for all ages. Zaina Juliette last concert on July 30th at the Las Vegas Cashmen Center was an event that Vegas will never forget and is the verbalize of the City. The exhibition was very inspiring and puissant. It was in liberty to the public and a positive message of empowerment through musical composition and theatrics. The audience was moved by the high energy performance and in tears by her zealousness as she deviled an incredible message. Zaina supplementally accumulated needed items for the Las Vegas Rescue Mission.

Mayor Goodman and the City of Las Vegas awarded Zaina Juliette a special Proclamation, in 2016, 2017 & 2018 for  Zaina Juliette Day  for her astounding achievement in inspiring and uplifting many with her aptitude and musical performances and compositions. Zaina Juliette is an incipient International Artist to the world but she is a vet in the Entertainment business. Zaina has been on stage performing in music, dance theater, film and Television since the early age of 5 which is why she is such a vigorous performer. She has won over 300 Awards as an entertainer such as Entertainer of the Year, Best Rock Performer, Outstanding Entertainer, The Verge Award just to denominate a few. Now Phantom Records are on the verge of taking this astonishing Artist to the mainstream level. Once you see her live you will understand why the press is verbalizing that Zaina Juiette is the next Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Rolling Stones, Bruno Mars, type of Entertainer.